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General Cutting Tools services and manufactures world-class quality cutting tools and Custom Router Bits.

Custom Router Bits are specifically designed by Router Bit Makers according to the wood samples provided by the customer. These custom bits are suitable for crafting various items such as trims, baseboards, cabinet doors, crown molding, handrails, etc., to match any custom shape required. Customers can obtain a free quote based on a sample, drawing, or photo.

Custom Router Bits

General Cutting Tools specializes in manufacturing custom router bits for any usage, with the ability to create carbide or diamond-tipped custom router bits. These bespoke router bits are particularly useful for restoration projects of historic homes, remodeling projects requiring matching moldings, or crafting furniture to match antique cabinets. The company can even design one-off custom router bits to fit architectural drawings, wood samples, and sketches.

Custom router bits prices start from $149, with final cost depending on the specific design and quantity required. Customers can obtain a price quote by providing the design details for the custom router bit (drawing, photo, sketch), the quantity needed, and the desired turnaround time.

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Router Sharpening Service
In addition to manufacturing, General Cutting Tools also provides a high-quality CNC router sharpening service. This service allows you to extend the lifespan of your router bits, helping to maintain peak performance and precision in all your cutting tasks. Trained experts use state-of-the-art equipment to sharpen router bits to the highest standards, ensuring that your tools are as good as new.

The router sharpening service cost starts from $19 per bit, with prices varying depending on the complexity and condition of the bit. Customers can request a quote by providing the number of bits, type, and condition. The typical turnaround time for the router sharpening service is between 3-5 business days, depending on the volume of the work. For customers looking for high-quality, professionally sharpened router bits, this service provides excellent value.

Custom Shaper & Moulding Knives
General Cutting Tools offers custom shaper and moulding woodworking knives for your Shaper or Moulder Machine to produce specific wood profiles.

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