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Oak Park, IL History

The village of Oak Park is a historic and well-known suburb of Chicago. Originally a part of Cicero, “Oak Park” became an established entity in 1902 by English immigrants. Since then, Oak Park’s population has boomed, now standing at an impressive 54,000 as of the 2020 census.

The notable architecture of Oak Park, much of it designed by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright, cultivates the neighborhood charm. Oak Park houses the birthplace of Ernest Hemmingway, Al Capone’s grave, the Oak Park Conservatory, as well as a number of historic mansions and buildings. With five CTA train lines, the Eisenhower Expressway, and Metra Train stations all present in the village, local businesses and attractions see lots of foot traffic.

Behind the tourism and sights, Oak Park residents know that their community is an active and safe one. With voter turn-outs at a soaring 80 percent for presidential elections, Oak Park is very socially liberal and ethnically diverse. Residents feel at home on their streets, with the violent crime rate 28 percent lower than the rest of the state (circa 2019).

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