A New Website for Electronic Lifestyle Associates

John Schuster & Company Chicago Inc. Web Design Company Launches New Website for Electronic Lifestyle Associates

John Schuster & Company Chicago Inc., a leading web design company based in Chicago, is thrilled to announce the successful launch of a new website for Electronic Lifestyle Associates (ELA). ELA is a comprehensive entertainment, automation, and technology integration firm catering to residential and commercial environments.

The newly designed website showcases ELA’s expertise in providing exceptional services from concept to completion. With over 20 years of experience, ELA offers a range of solutions including automation, lighting design control, motorized shading, music distribution, video distribution, outdoor entertainment, media environments, surveillance systems, access control, and networking.

The website highlights ELA’s commitment to client satisfaction, providing concierge support that ensures their systems are enjoyable and operational for years to come. ELA’s service contracts are tailored to each client’s system architecture, offering various support options to fit their goals and budget.

Automation is a key feature of ELA’s offerings, enabling intuitive and automated control of various systems within homes or commercial spaces. Lighting design and control solutions are personalized to enhance the ambiance and energy efficiency of any space. ELA also specializes in motorized shading, providing elegant and efficient control of natural light and privacy.

With music distribution services, ELA allows clients to enjoy music in every room of their home, both indoors and outdoors. Video distribution solutions seamlessly integrate televisions into the room’s décor, offering a stunning viewing experience while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment.

ELA also excels in outdoor entertainment, creating immersive soundscapes without visible speakers, allowing guests to enjoy music while socializing. Their media environments are designed to deliver pristine audio and video experiences, perfect for movie and sports enthusiasts.

The company’s surveillance systems provide robust protection for families and properties, capturing crucial evidence to respond to incidents promptly. ELA’s access control solutions offer convenient and secure alternatives to traditional keys, enabling smart locks and remote access management.

Recognizing the importance of a reliable network, ELA offers comprehensive networking services that ensure a seamless connection for homes and businesses. Their enterprise networks are engineered for optimal performance and include both wired and Wi-Fi connections.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Electronic Lifestyle Associates to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website,” said John Schuster, Founder and CEO of Company Chicago Inc. “The new website truly reflects the excellence and breadth of ELA’s services, and we are confident it will enhance their online presence and attract new clients.”

To explore the newly launched website and learn more about Electronic Lifestyle Associates, please visit https://elahome.com/.

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