Top 10 Web Design Agencies of the World

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In 2021, during the COVID-19 outbreak, the internet has become necessary to most people. A well-designed website is now a requirement for any company, and you need to hire the best creative agency to build it.

Sometimes words alone are not sufficient to convey a message. However, creating a web page containing both text and pictures is more affected than randomly inserting graphics on the page. You must strike a proper balance between the information displayed as text and information conveyed through images.

Web designing is a field where professional agencies manage clients’ requirements to build and design their specific websites.

According to Blue Corona, 38% of online visitors stop engaging with a website if its design is unattractive. 48% of people say that a website’s design is the No. 1 agent in deciding the credibility of any business.

There are several web design agencies around the world that can assist you to build a great business website. These agencies offer various digital services like web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), graphic designing, ecommerce store development, and much more.

Web Design Agencies bring in the experience and expertise that can support you to scale your business, reach out to a global audience, and successfully grow in your industry.

Before we give you a list of top web design agencies, let’s find out first about the qualities of the best web design agencies:

Qualities in a Web Design Company:

The number of internet users across the world increases exponentially every year. And on top of this dynamic of growth years in the making, the current COVID19 pandemic has improved center the importance of the internet for a growing number of individuals and industries. This circumstance has also expanded the number of companies offering internet-related services. One such primary service is web design. Countless web design companies are growing up around the world. But this increase of web design firms does not necessarily mean all are creating web design of equal quality — quite the contrary. Many are offering subpar web design, while others are consistently producing excellent work.

For this reason, we have put together the five most important qualities of web design agencies and what any discerning client should look for. If you keep an eye out for the following five qualities, you will indeed find a world-class web design firm — not an amateur one.

1. Depth

Web design may seem like a simple artistic process like picking colors, choosing typography, and arranging media, but nothing could be distant from the truth. Web design is a multifaceted and complicated process that includes many different components and skillsets. Therefore, a good web design company should have depth in terms of skill set, personnel, and market knowledge.

An agency that gives a depth of web design services such as UI/UX design, UX research, branding, concept development, and copywriting proves the firm has a serious grasp on what it takes to design a professional-grade website. Depth also applies to the level of personnel a more prominent firm can offer, if a firm has a large team, this means not only a revenue and customer stream that shows they are legitimate, but it also indicates that more personnel with unique skill sets, will be dedicated to your particular project. For smaller web design firms, depth refers to knowledge and understanding of the specific niche of the market in which they function. A smaller design agency may be a better option if their particular skill set and market knowledge are narrow and have depth.

2. Experience

This is a no-brainer. You may find a web design agency offering holistic services at a low price, but if you are that web design company’s second or third project, it is not worth it. You always want to get the most for your money, even if it means investing a little more initially. In the long run, a great website with expert web design will pay for itself. A good web design company, therefore, should have enough experience. This means that before you start working on designing a professional website, you need to see the firm’s portfolio of projects and reach previous clients. An agency that has been around for longer and boasts more powerful portfolios with larger clients tends to be more trustworthy. The experience shows a deep understanding of how web design works and explains that the firm is able to give what you are looking for. It is usually helpful to look at previous projects that parallel what you are also looking for in a website.

3. Openness

One feature that separates a professional web design company from an inexperienced one is openness. Openness is about the agency showing transparency with the project’s process and clear communication. Any web design company you prefer to work with should display a high level of openness from the very beginning about the entirety of the project, how they work, who will work on your project, what the work process will be, and more. There should be no sensitivity on the firm’s part about sharing anything and everything with you, the client, whenever you see fit. Communication from start to end and at every juncture in between is essential to executing a professional project effectively. Openness ensures that the firm understands what you want and produces a better final product and saves time — and, more importantly, money.

4. Flexibility

When a website is being developed and designed, a lot can change from start to finish. Minds change, and so do timelines and resources. Both clients and web design companies do their best to create pragmatic budgets and timelines before a project begins, but if a client does not accept a design or a web design agency falls behind due to a suffering designer, then sometimes changes happen. For this reason, it is essential to work with a web design firm that is flexible. A firm that, straight off the bat, gives open and transparent communication and has experience on a variety of projects also promises to be flexible. For instance, there should be room for communication on missing deadlines or if a client disproves a piece of the project. Firms that are client-centric and work to ensure that client-firm links are central to the web design process prioritize flexibility.

5. Precision

While anyone with a bit of know-how can put together a simple website, what you spend for in hiring a professional web design company is their knowledge, professionalism, and precision. A great web design firm will design and develop your website and design and fine-tune the details of your website. For instance, designing your website’s user experience (UX) relies on a detail-focused approach where the design itself is curating how each and every user experiences your website. This means that color, placement, typography, images, and everything are not only about what is aesthetically pleasing but is the link between aesthetics and the audience your site is meant to reach. The same goes for search engine optimization (SEO), by ensuring that all text on your website is optimized for search engines, your website can appear on search engines at a higher position. But SEO is more than just adding keywords, it needs a holistic approach to textual detail throughout the website. This type of precision is what you want in a web design company.

Here Are Top 10 Web Design Agencies

We have created a list of the best web design agencies from across the world to help you accomplish your business goals. Feel free to evaluate them and choose the one that best satisfies your business needs.

1. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard specializes in developing websites and developing unparalleled designs for websites. The agency takes pride in researching the client’s brand and products before beginning the design pattern. This is a significant reason for the web designing company’s success since the research gives a better idea of what is needed in the market. Lounge Lizard is the winner of many awards as appreciation for their efforts. Employees at Lounge Lizard are a team of expert graphic artists, designers, content writers, programmers, and digital market specialists to evaluate the market to produce desired designs. The central focus is on developing simple and appealing designs to enhance the percentage of users. Get more information on their website

2. Hudson Integrated

Hudson is an innovative agency that has set an example for creativity standards after evaluating the client’s brand. The company’s primary focus is to create customized and different designs for websites to enhance the clients’ experiences. Hudson gives creativity through digital and technological solutions to target the e-commerce market through engaging designs. The development of apps, custom projects, and e-commerce hosting businesses are some of the agency’s projects. The company’s services also include website & logo designing, along with content & web portal management for the clients. For more information, visit their website

3. Forge and Smith

Forge and Smith focus on improving the user experience through designing the websites, prototype management, management of blogs and e-commerce sites. Social media engagement is made through enabling techniques of SEO, digital media, and content marketing. Also, the company manages; adward campaigns and brand positioning of companies and products. Satisfying the demands of the clients is the aim of the company. Preference is given to high-quality and media management content to provide a high-performance speed to the user. Clients of the company range from non-profit organizations to globally established brands. In designing, the company achieves the architectural framework of the sites as well. For more information, visit their website

4. Huge

Huge is a web design and digital agency that serves the world’s most notable brands to design and develop marketing websites, web platforms, and mobile apps. Their user-centric strategy to designing websites links data, technology, and creativity, which encourages Huge craft digital experiences that people love. With 13 offices worldwide, they contract with brands globally, doing everything from corporate websites and landing pages to end-to-end campaigns. For more information, visit a website

5. Hello Monday:

Hello Monday is an award-winning web design agency that produces immersive digital activities, brand identities, and interactive websites for a wide range of startups and leading brands. With three offices across the US and Denmark, they serve an international clients. Hello Monday is one of the most awarded creative agencies and web design companies in the website design industry. They have claimed over 100 FWA awards, 12 Webby’s, and 6 Cannes Lions.

6. Clay

Clay is a web design agency concentrated on branding and web development. Based in San Francisco, they team up with web marketing departments of Fortune 100 companies and startups worldwide. Clay’s winning spot is designing and building award-winning websites that give excellent user experience and increased conversion. You should watch their digital agency showreel and read an interview with their founders for Dribbble. For more information, visit a website

7. North Kingdom

The North Kingdom prides itself on producing services that play a vital role in the lives of people. The web designing agency is devoted to finding solutions for clients. The company’s primary functions include designing, implementing digital strategies and innovation, tech, and creative visions. The North Kingdom uses elements of art direction, concept development, prototyping, motion, and gaming designs to create high-quality products. High levels of creativity and motion techniques enable the North Kingdom to work with the world’s top companies (clients). Some of the affiliate clients of the company include Google, Disney, and King. For more information, visit a website

8. Akqa

Akqa specializes in producing designing services that are different and customized. The company has increased the standards of creativity in the digital and visual designing field. Services of an expert and goal-driven team are used to offer clients innovative designs while keeping in mind their demands. Akqa gives solutions for challenging and difficult issues and develops modern designs for every product. The creative agency believes in performance and staying ahead of its competitors. Through pure devotion and consistent improvement, the company has gained client satisfaction and proceeds to work harder. For more information, visit a website

9. Artimization

Artimization is one of the preeminent digital marketing agencies that famous for offering borderless solutions across the globe.

Their high professionals put all efforts into presenting you the best, incomparable, and innovative web design, Website development services, social media marketing & SEO Services tactics not just only in the USA but many countries like UK, Australia, France, Italy, London, Belgium, Dubai & Africa. Their web design services are very cost-effective for small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

The creative agency intends to highlight your brand on each social media platform in every imaginable way and keep fastening the audience with your brand through technology and business strategies when your business requires the most in this digital age. For more information, visit a website

10. Playground

Playground Digital is a creative media and web designing Agency that works under four main regions; copywriting, designing, developing ideas, and give the site a formal structure and look. The company is a simplistic, creative agency that supports brands and organizations to learn more about creative and digital marketing techniques. To give quality services to the clients, the agency offers services of specific professional designers. This provides power and initiative to the experts who manage to devise the best creative designs. Another main purpose of the company is to make the site simple to use by a maximum number of users, and thus this is accomplished through simplicity in techniques. For more information, visit a website

The above top 10 web designing agencies featured in this article have gained recognition because of the digital and creative services they offer to the clients. Every company focuses on building web designing solutions for the companies and products of its clients.

We hope you will find one of the best agencies among them for your company that fulfill your company’s requirements.

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