Back-end developers just topped this list of the most in-demand tech jobs

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Back-end developers top the list of in-demand tech jobs, according to a survey of recruiters by developer hiring platform HackerEarth.

That means back-end developers could be well-placed if they know Java, PHP, Python and .NET as companies build up tech talent for a hybrid workforce. Front-end and back-end developers are crucial to maintaining websites but they have different requirements when it comes to technologies, programming languages and skills.

Here’s a look at the most popular programming languages based on surveys and courses.

HackerEarth ran a survey with 2,500 engineering managers and HR professionals from 79 countries to find out which roles are in demand in 2022. It found that 30% of recruiters are seeking to fill at least 100 roles, noting “2021-22 is going to be a candidate’s market”.

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