5 Best Web Designers in Chicago

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By Becky Collins
5 Best Web Designers in Chicago

Below is a list of the top and leading Web Designers in Chicago. To help you find the best Web Designers located near you in Chicago, Becky put together a list.

Chicago’s Best Web Designers:
The top-rated Web Designers in Chicago are:

Orbit Media Studios – applies an effective method and has a goal-oriented team
Millennial Web Development – shows distinct, innovative and personalized projects
Distant Horizon, Inc. – longest running website and hosting company
Logical Media Group – digital marketing and design-driven agency
Chicago Digital – building remarkable websites and online marketing solutions

Find the insecure content on a https web page

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Have you encountered the mixed content warning when browsing your SSL protected site? You’re not alone. When you visit a page served over HTTPS, your connection with the web server is encrypted with SSL. If the HTTPS page also includes content fetched using HTTP, then the page is only partially encrypted, thus your web browser will display the Mixed Content Warning warning.

These HTTPS insecure content or mixed content warning tells site visitors they are browsing a secure page with some insecure content, parts of this page are not secure, their connection to the site is not fully secure. If you are the site owner and find the Mixed Content Warning on your SSL Website, how to find out the insecure content on your web pages.

There are different ways to identify the non-https URLs on a web page and fix the mixed content warnings. Today, we will show you an easy way to find all insecure content on your SSL Website using Chrome browser.

Open the web page in problem in a Chrome web browser. Right click on the page and select Inspect from the context menu. Then the Developer Tools for Chrome will show up. Click the Security tab, you will see the Security overview as below.

Then right click on your page and choose Reload the page, you will find the non-secure origins or content on your SSL page. You can click the View HTTP requests in Network Panel to find out more details.

Chicago Air Conditioning Repair

Best Chicago HVAC Contractor Near Me

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Your HVAC system is one of the systems around the home that keep it livable. Though it may serve you for years without needing any major repairs, the system eventually breaks down and requires an expert’s attention. That is just what we are here for.

Around the Town Heating & Cooling Inc. offers HVAC repair and installations for their clients in Chicago with excellent results. They have seasoned professionals that are always ready to help you get back to the comfortable living that you are used to.

Cooling and heating services in Chicago and it’s suburbs

Around the Town Heating & Cooling Inc. is one of the top-rated contractors when it comes to furnace, heating, HVAC and boiler issues. With them, you can count on the best workmanship coupled with reasonable pricing.

They have been offering such services for a long time now, mastering all kinds of issues to do with the heating a cooling systems in Chicago homes.

Get same-day services

There is nothing more annoying than having to wait for your service people to work on your broken system and not knowing when they will show up. With Around the Town, you won’t have to worry about delayed service delivery. They do their best to complete every project they get on a same-day basis. They will take care of your HVAC problems at a time that is convenient so you won’t have to put up with out heating and cooling any longer than you should.

Emergency heating and cooling repairs

What good is convenience when clients may have to wait for daylight to receive the services they want? Around the Town Heating and Cooling knows what a let-down your HVAC system can be. That is why we have 24-hour emergency HVAC servicing.

Call us at any time of day and night and we will be there to restore your HVAC system’s good form. Reach out to us from Chicago and it’s Southern suburbs and get the service delivery you deserve no matter the time of day.

Call us for new installations

As a company that deals with air conditioning, They do an all-round job that begins at installation. Let them install your new HVAC system, and they will have it running with zero complications. They will also install your newly purchased boiler in the best way possible.

Their professional team of contractors is well-versed in installation of all types of HVAC brands. You want a contractor that understands the type of HVAC system you want to install or else you may have to deal with exasperating repairs that are the result of poor installation.

Cleaning and maintenance checks

You shouldn’t forget about your HVAC system and use it without regular checks. Lack of maintenance work as well as irregular checks have the effect of reducing your HVAC’s years of service. This is as good a time as any to get your long neglected HVAC system checked for faults and worn out parts. Call Around the Town to your home and let them do the maintenance and cleaning work for your system. This is a service that takes a very short time and shouldn’t cost you much either but may save your dollars in repair charges.

Buy from the experts

Do you know what kind of boiler you need? What size and power capabilities suit your home? Around the Town shall help you answer these and more questions that you may have as you look for a new furnace. Come to experts like Around the Town, and you are guaranteed to find what you need. They are a certified furnace dealer for Bryant furnaces in Chicago. They will help you choose a system that serves your home just fine . What’s more, you will getting a brand that has passed the test of time and established itself as one of the best when it comes to home cooling and heating.

Reach out to Around the Town HVAC for the best services

Around the Town has been serving the Chicago area for over 25 years now, and that has led to lots of happy clients. Our referrals play a big role in the business we are able to attract. That is because we are always working to provide satisfactory services. We would like to work on your home’s heating and cooling, and would love to hear from you. Contact us through our social pages or email us. Alternatively, you could use our hotline, which is always available for the homeowner in need of immediate services.

Chicago Graphic Design

Chicago Graphic Designer

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Looking for a Graphic Designer with a strong portfolio of work in both print and digital mediums to work with your in-house marketing team in Chicago, IL. Utilizing skills in creating meaningful marketing materials that represent your internal and external Buildout brand. I am passionate, team-oriented, self-motivated and able to balance multiple projects in a fast paced environment.

Chicago Graphic Designer Skills:

  • Assists with creation of assets for both Brand and marketing objectives
  • Multi-faceted campaigns including e-mail creation and print/digital long format content pieces
  • Assists in digital asset creation
  • Maintaining Blogs, websites and some social media campaigns
  • Industry research on best practices and new trends

Chicago Graphic Designer Experience:

  • 20 years of professional experience
  • Strong portfolio of design work
  • Proficiency in Adobe CC Suite applications
  • CSS, HTML Expert
  • Comfort in print and digital mediums
  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Video editing, motion & animation skills
  • Email Marketing automation

About John Schuster:

A specialist in creative, marketing and digital design, John Schuster offers services to associations design agencies and non-profit organizations across the U.S. With 20 years of experience in graphic design and web development he seeks to create the best digital campaign for you.

Freelance Chicago web designer

Chicago Freelance Web Designer

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Chicago Freelance Web Designer – Why You Should Use One

Online advertising is quickly becoming the most popular way of marketing. Most people have shifted their focus from the common physical stores to internet markets. A major reason is due to the nature of peoples work these days whereby there is limited time to access physical stores.

Businesses conducting their sales online are also getting huge profits as compared to those who rely on offline marketing. This is the main reason why many businesses are coming into the limelight by marketing their goods and services using online media. All this is done by having a website designed by a skilled freelancer in the market.

Freelance designers like big web designer companies are competent and skilled individuals with specialized expertise in web design. They mostly work independently making it easier for one to access them.

Reasons to hire a Chicago freelance designer

Always updated

Freelance designers mostly handle complex demands and conditions from their clients. Doing this makes them mindful of such situations as they make efforts of designing better solution once faced with such problems. Therefore, while they design your website, they will be able to develop advanced and fresh ideas to market your business.


They are always flexible and ready for any modification in their work. They are much more willing to work from any point at any time when needed. The client should also consider the appropriate fees or charges of the freelance web designer if the change or modification is considerable.

Cost effective

The process of creating a website tends to be costly considering the low economy of scale. In fact, hiring a design company to get the job done will exhaust the better part of your wallet. However, the total cost of designing a website can be lower if you get the services of a freelance designer. They offer most services for less money. A freelance designer gives the best client support and delivers the cheapest but valuable web design services.

Direct communication

A freelance web designer allows room for direct communication and appropriate support after the work. You may be having a lot of questions running through your mind when you are developing your website. These doubts can be cleared using the direct communication process with your designer.

More interest

Getting the services of a freelance designer ensures close attention and notice is given on your website design. In this way, you will be guaranteed of realizing the success of your project within the shortest time possible.

In conclusion, Chicago freelance web design services are suitable for both big and small business. Even though they offer the cheapest rates, they offer outstanding and competent services.

Contact John Schuster today if you are in need of a professional Chicago freelance web designer.

Chicago E-commerce Website Design

Chicago E-commerce Website Design

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Many people these days rely on the Internet to buy or sell products due to its increased efficiency. As an entrepreneur who aims to remain relevant in today’s competitive world, one has to rely on the services offered by e-commerce software to create a well-organized website for business promotion. E-commercewebsite design supports a business customer base in the exchange of goods and services.

Different from the ancient times whereby an entrepreneur had to strive so hard to access clients, today’s internet realm is gain too many. Anybody can launch an e-commerce website when establishing a business to get access to potential customers worldwide. However, optimized and properly designed e-commerce is needed for one to realize success.

Have a look at the following elements necessary for Ecommerce Website Design.

Responsive Web Design

The future of the e-commerce industry relies heavily on a mobile-friendly Website. If one cannot meet these condition for potential customers, then chances of them losing some opportunities to other competitors become high. One has to shift from the desktop to mobile communication since the mobile serves as a hub for you to get more results.


Blogging is another important element of attracting most readers to your site. It plays a significant role in increasing website visibility, targeting a new audience, generating search engine traffics and leads. You should, therefore, keep in mind on the power of blogging since it can offer you with plenty of paybacks.

Integration of Social Media

Giving social media a prime priority will enable you to get updated on the most recent trends in e-commerce website designing. This is because of its supportive nature in revealing negativity that changes online visitors into potential clients. It modifies the rapport that exists between a client and the company, so it is necessary.

Fast Loading Time

The time a website takes to load its content matters a lot. You have to pay close attention to that since it may be the reason why customers never visit your website due to frustrations. Fast Loading website will impress any client and make them comfortable to visit the site at any time.

Contact John Schuster for a free estimate on E-commerce web design for your business or organization today.

Interactive Designer Chicago

Chicago Interactive Designer 

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As an expert interactive designer in Chicago, I conceptualize, create, develop and maintaining visually appealing, user-friendly websites and interactive experiences for your business or organization.

My services have the ability to deliver an engaging user experience across multiple platforms on web or mobile devices.  Interactive design projects utilize programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dreamweaver to create successful user experiences. My expertise with HTML and CSS and responsive design are extensive.  With a sharp attention to details and accuracy down to the single pixel, I guarantee that your project will be a powerful asset that you can showcase. 

Receive a free website design assessment or a project cost estimate today by filling out this form online.

Go Make $1

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Freelancing Fundamentals

Uh… Nobody cares.

Nobody who might have been your client has lost sleep over your name, logo, website, or business cards. They really don’t care. They might have cared if you had offered to solve their problems, but you were more interested in being impressive than you were in asking the right questions.

The thought-provoking questions you ask are your positioning. The A-ha moments you create are your portfolio.

People will forget the color of your logo, but they will remember that you helped them unravel an annoying problem.

Or, if you’re a photographer, they’ll forget your domain name, and they will remember how your images made their products look desirable.

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Facebook is Dead

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Ask Slashdot: Is There a Good Alternative to Facebook?

Long-time Slashdot reader Lauren Weinstein argues that fixing Facebook may be impossible because “Facebook’s entire ecosystem is predicated on encouraging the manipulation of its users by third parties who posses the skills and financial resources to leverage Facebook’s model. These are not aberrations at Facebook — they are exactly how Facebook was designed to operate.” Meanwhile one fund manager is already predicting that sooner or later every social media platform “is going to become MySpace,” adding that “Nobody young uses Facebook,” and that the backlash over Cambridge Analytica “quickens the demise.”

But Slashdot reader silvergeek asks, “is there a safe, secure, and ethical alternative?” to which tepples suggests “the so-called IndieWeb stack using the h-entry microformat.” He also suggests Diaspora, with an anonymous Diaspora user adding that “My family uses a server I put up to trade photos and posts… Ultimately more people need to start hosting family servers to help us get off the cloud craze… NethServer is a pretty decent CentOS based option.”

Meanwhile Slashdot user Locke2005 shared a Washington Post profile of Mastodon, “a Twitter-like social network that has had a massive spike in sign-ups this week.”Mastodon’s code is open-source, meaning anybody can inspect its design. It’s distributed, meaning that it doesn’t run in some data center controlled by corporate executives but instead is run by its own users who set up independent servers. And its development costs are paid for by online donations, rather than through the marketing of users’ personal information… Rooted in the idea that it doesn’t benefit consumers to depend on centralized commercial platforms sucking up users’ personal information, these entrepreneurs believe they can restore a bit of the magic from the Internet’s earlier days — back when everything was open and interoperable, not siloed and commercialized.
The article also interviews the founders of Blockstack, a blockchain-based marketplace for apps where all user data remains local and encrypted. “There’s no company in the middle that’s hosting all the data,” they tell the Post. “We’re going back to the world where it’s like the old-school Microsoft Word — where your interactions are yours, they’re local and nobody’s tracking them.” On Medium, Mastodon founder Eugene Rochko also acknowledges Scuttlebutt and Hubzilla, ending his post with a message to all social media users: “To make an impact, we must act.”

Wired has also compiled their own list of alternatives to every Facebook service. But what are Slashdot’s readers doing for their social media fix? Leave your own thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

Is there a good alternative to Facebook?

Signal for messaging:


Chicago does not like Facebook:

Facebook accused of massive fraud in new lawsuit filed by Cook County

Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones [Updated]

Open Source is Tech’s Explosive Organic Movement

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Via The Daily Bell

Written for The Daily Bell by Bill Ottman, Co-Founder of & Schuyler Brown, Futurist.

It’s hard to believe the Food Revolution has only been in effect for about ten years. In that time, we’ve seen drastic changes in the way citizens of the world choose to buy food for their families. What was once considered a pricey preoccupation of the body- and health-conscious has risen to become a major industry, topping $42 billion in 2014.

Why? Because people woke up. We woke up to the fact that most of the products on our supermarket shelves are atrociously mislabeled and composed of artificial and genetically modified ingredients. This is not food; at best, it’s maybe food-like. We woke up to the reality that many of America’s most popular and beloved food brands — Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kraft, Post, Pepperidge Farms, Nestle — are making products that aren’t good for us. We also woke up to the realization that the government isn’t looking out for us when it comes to our food, so policing it is our personal responsibility. Thus, we can no longer afford to be negligent or apathetic in a food environment that has become corrupt and toxic.

We’re now understanding the truth behind that age-old saying: You are what you eat. We literally become what we consume, on both genetic and epigenetic levels, and we don’t want diabetes for ourselves or our children, or to be exposed to unnecessary hormones and antibiotics. We want food made with integrity, not just for our well-being, but for the health of the earth. Conscious food production practices are crucial for long-term sustainability of soil, biodiversity, and many elements of the biosphere.