5 Things That Set Apart Expert Freelancers From Beginners

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Abdullahi Muhammed

Imagine you come to a salon to get a haircut. You see two available professionals — someone with a “trainee” badge and and a regular employee. Now unless you want to get a heavily discounted, but possibly awkward, haircut, you’d likely choose a “pro” right?

When it comes to freelancing, most clients would prefer to deal with pros, not a beginner. In fact, if you want to draw in a better class of clients, earn higher rates, and spend less time negotiating, you should be positioning yourself as an expert.

However, establishing expertise doesn’t happen on its own. You have to take steps to develop an excellent reputation and hone professional skills that differentiate you from your competition. It’s time to ditch your “trainee” budget and work towards the expert status using this five-step framework.


Want To Become A Multi-Millionaire? Do These 15 Things Immediately.

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“The greatest reward in becoming a millionaire is not the amount of money that you earn. It is the kind of person that you have to become to become a millionaire.” — Jim Rohn

Most people wish their circumstances would magically change for them. They don’t have the desire to become better themselves so they can proactively improve their own circumstances.

Unlike most people, who simply wait and wish for luck, you can seek to become the kind of person equipped with the skills and abilities to do brilliant things.

You can become the kind of person who does highly influential work. Your work can solve pressing problems, improve people’s lives, and get noticed by important people who share your work not for your sake, but for theirs! Sharing your work makes them look good because of how great it is.

The quality of who you are as a person, and the work you do, is completely within your control. But you can’t wish for it to happen. You must become the kind of person who naturally attracts the success you seek.


Why UX Writing Is a Thing Now

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If you work in design, you’ve probably noticed by now the wave of “UX writer” jobs being posted online over the past couple of years. From Google to YouTube, Dropbox, Amazon and PayPal, every big tech company now has a team of UX writers. But what is UX writing? In this article, you’ll find out.

by Raelene Morey March 13, 2018

Why UX Writing Is a Thing Now

Most Limits Exist Only In Our Minds

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Authored by Adam Taggart via,

Roger Bannister died last week.

Even if you don’t recognize his name, you’re aware of his legacy: he was the first human to run a mile in under 4 minutes.

It was a mind-blowing feat. Ever since the Ancient Greeks set their sights on attaining this “perfect” goal 3,000 years ago, no runner on the planet had been able to run that fast for that long.

For millennia of sport, breaking the 4-minute barrier was widely regarded as physically impossible.

But Bannister, a busy medical student at the time with often only 30 minutes available to train per day, had an unorthodox view — one rooted in skepticism of the conventional training techniques and mindset.

He began with the assumption that the 4-minute mile was possible, and then challenged himself to develop a science-based regimen for attaining it.

During a brief lull on the otherwise blustery day of May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister made history by completing the mile-run in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. The impossible had been achieved.


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What are Twitter Lead Generation cards?

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Hangover Hacks You Can Hang Your Hat On

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By Dr. Mercola

On New Year’s Eve, Americans drink more alcohol than on any other day of the year.1 Other top contenders are Christmas, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and St. Patrick’s Day… but none top New Year’s Eve, for imbibing.

Hangover Hacks You Can Hang Your Hat On


Google Testing A Red “Slow” Label In The Search Results For Slower Sites

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Is your site unusually slow? Google is testing a red slow label in the search results that will warn searchers before they click over to your web site.

Google Testing A Red “Slow” Label In The Search Results For Slower Sites

Styling Page-Links

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Did you know you could split a single post up into different web pages by just typing <!–nextpage–> in your post? Called the Page-Link tag, place your cursor in the spot where you want a page break to appear in your post and type <!–nextpage–> (you need to use the text mode of the editor to do so). This technique can be used throughout a long post to make two or more pages out of a single post. Note: At one time there was a Next-Page quicktag button but it was deleted to reduce the clutter on the quicktag bar.

When you view your post on your site, the multi-page links appear as links at the bottom of the generated post and usually look like:

Page 1, 2, 3

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Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising

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Best-selling author Ryan Holiday, the acclaimed marketing guru for American Apparel and many bestselling authors and multiplatinum musicians, explains the new rules and provides valuable examples and case studies for aspiring growth hackers. Whether you work for a tiny start-up or a Fortune 500 giant, if you’re responsible for building awareness and buzz for a product or service, this is your road map.

Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator

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This book is about how easy it is to manipulate the internet through blogs and fake stories.

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