1 thoughts on “What are Twitter Lead Generation cards?

  1. John Schuster says:

    Walked out in the precise morning and bought a paper .. .
    Nothing .. .
    I called from a drugstore phone booth . . . and asked for
    “Lieutenant Gonzales . . . who’s calling?”
    “I want to speak to O’Brien.”
    A moment of static, dangling wires, broken connections .. .
    “Nobody of that name in this department . . . Who are you?”
    “Well let me speak to Hauser.”
    “Look, Mister, no O’Brien no Hauser in this bureau. Now what
    do you want?”
    “Look, this is important . . . I’ve got info on a big shipment of
    H coming in . . . I want to talk to Hauser or O’Brien . . . I don’t do
    business with anybody else . .”
    “Hold on . . . I’ll connect you with Alcibiades.”
    I began to wonder if there was an Anglo-Saxon name left in
    the department .. .
    “I want to speak to Hauser or O’Brien.”
    “How many times I have to tell you no Hauser no O’Brien in
    this department . . . Now who is this calling?”
    I hung up and took a taxi out of the area . . . In the cab I real-
    ized what had happened . . . I had been occluded from space-time
    like an eel’s ass occludes when he stops eating on the way to
    Sargasso . . . Locked out . . . Never again would I have a Key, a
    Point of Intersection . . . The Heat was off me from here on out
    . . . relegated with Hauser and O’Brien to a landlocked junk past
    where heroin is always twenty-eight dollars an ounce and you can
    score for yen pox in the Chink laundry of Sioux Falls . . . Far side
    of the world’s mirror, moving into the past with Hauser and
    O’Brien . . . clawing at a not-yet of Telepathic Bureaucracies, Time
    Monopolies, Control Drugs, Heavy Fluid Addicts:
    “I thought of that three hundred years ago.”
    “Your plan was unworkable then and useless now . . . Like da
    Vinci’s flying machine plans . .”

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