Styling Page-Links

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Did you know you could split a single post up into different web pages by just typing <!–nextpage–> in your post? Called the Page-Link tag, place your cursor in the spot where you want a page break to appear in your post and type <!–nextpage–> (you need to use the text mode of the editor to do so). This technique can be used throughout a long post to make two or more pages out of a single post. Note: At one time there was a Next-Page quicktag button but it was deleted to reduce the clutter on the quicktag bar.

When you view your post on your site, the multi-page links appear as links at the bottom of the generated post and usually look like:

Page 1, 2, 3

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New WordPress Twitter Plugin by Blueprint Design Studio

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Blueprint Design Studio has just released a new WordPress plugin for adding twitter links to your blog posts.

Below are some screen shots of the plugin in action.

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The plugin will ad a small Twitter button to the top of your post editor

It then presents you with 4 Twitter options for buttons that can be inserted into any post or page.

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